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HireIQ. The Virtual Interviewing Solution That Matters.

In the U.S. alone, there are about five million contact center employees. The average turnover rate in contact centers is 45%. That means contact centers are hiring all the time. It’s the nature of the business.

Recruiting, talent acquisition and operations teams are under tremendous pressure to hire and retain well-qualified employees who have the right critical thinking skills, the right communications skills, and the perfect personality attributes to provide an exceptional customer experience.

HireIQ’s virtual interviewing and talent analytics solution speeds up hiring, helps you select better reps, and provides performance insights so you can retain the best-of-the-best using:

Virtual interviewing and assessments
Predictive analytics
Performance feedback
Dashboards and reporting

HireIQ takes the guesswork and frustration out of hiring contact center employees. We have what you need to hire and retain the best available talent for your contact center.

Virtual Interviewing and Assessments

HireIQ’s web-based virtual interviewing is a more efficient way to screen contact center candidates. You easily create customized interview questions for candidates to answer , send out a link, and sit back and relax. Candidates can log on to answer the questions at their convenience – using a smart phone, tablet or personal computer.

HireIQ’s virtual interviewing can help you assess skills, experiences, and knowledge levels using a variety of virtual interviewing techniques.

Phone Screen – Ask a series of customizable audio response questions. This includes our patented Audiolytics , which automatically assesses key characteristics of recorded virtual interviews and identifies top candidates.

Qualifier Assessment – This text-based questionnaire lets you configure “knock-out” questions that automatically decline candidates who do not meet minimum requirements. No more wasting time on tire kickers!

LanguageIQ – Available in both English and Spanish, you can assess language proficiency, fluency, critical thinking, and active listening. Automatic scoring identifies top performers for you!

Video Interviewing – Save time and travel costs while giving candidate the opportunity to provide video responses to interview questions.

And more – Quiz assessment, math assessment, typing skills, and surveys help you get the exact information you need to evaluate and select the best candidates.

Predictive Analytics

We aren’t psychic, but we do have some pretty cool hiring analytics that can help predict the future!

With HireIQ’s patent-pending predictive analytics software, you can identify candidates who are most likely to succeed – however your company measures success.

If you identify success as high customer satisfaction, our software can help identify candidates that will deliver a great customer experience. Do you want to increase sales? We can make recommendations on which applicants are the most motivated to close the sale.

The secret sauce in our predictive analytics is HireIQ’s innovative Audiolytics technology. During the virtual interview process, we can analyze key audio and speech characteristics to predict likely performance.

  • See candidate scores for vocal energy, answer length, and pace on the recruiter dashboard
  • Quickly identify applicants who exhibit energy and personality
  • Focus evaluation efforts first on candidates most likely to succeed

No matter what success measure you use, HireIQ’s team of modeling experts can work with you to create and refine the analytics that help you hire the highest performing candidates for your organization.

Performance Feedback

Are you hiring the right people? To further optimize your contact center hiring, you can use HireIQ’s Performance Feedback tool to fine-tune your hiring processes.

An easy-to-use, structured process, performance feedback is an online tool that let you drive improvement through:

  • Performance Reporting – quality of hire metrics to see the effectiveness of decision-making criteria
  • Personnel Management –review individual tenure milestones and performance data
  • Interview Sharing – archive and access candidate interviews to learn more about the vocal qualities that reveal the best reps

HireIQ helps boost contact center performance. Learn more in Results Matter

Dashboards and Reporting

With HireIQ, you can improve the effectiveness of your talent acquisition efforts as well as the quality of your hires. How will you know?

Our user-configurable analytics and reporting tools help measure important KPIs such as Time to Fill and Quality of Hire metrics. You can also create customized reports for employee performance and retention, candidate interview activity recruiter evaluation details and more.

In addition, you can:

Analyze candidate sourcing.
No matter where you advertise your jobs, knowing where your best candidates come from is key to superior talent acquisition performance. HireIQ’s sourcing analytics can tell you where you found your best candidates.

Benefit from candidate analytics.
Engaging candidates immediately after submitting an application is key to candidate satisfaction and the quality of the applicant pool. HireIQ can tell you how long candidates lingered in the pipeline.