Does what a CSR says really matter?

A couple of weeks ago we posited that the most important word in the CSR’s vocabulary is the word “can.”  It is a positive, action-oriented word that leaves many customers [...]


Top Recruiting Trends

Over the last several years, technology has assumed a greater role in employment recruiting.  Sherry Fox, an analyst with the leading analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers, recently offered [...]


CSR’s Most Powerful Word

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have the ability to mold the opinions of literally millions of customers every day, for better or worse.  Whether the CSR works in an in-person customer [...]


Treat a virtual interview as if it was in person.

In a recent Washinton Post article (https://wapo.st/tUZVvT), industrial and organizational psychologist and leading career coach Joyce E. A. Russell provides some timely advice about how to treat [...]

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