HireIQ and NICE Sign Global Reseller Agreement

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HireIQ Partners with NICE to Take Workforce Optimization to New Dimensions

Companies complete agreement that enables HireIQ to leverage NICE WFO data to drive smarter talent acquisition decisions and enhance customer experience  

ATLANTA, GA — (September 30, 2018) — HireIQ Solutions, Inc., the innovative leader in artificial intelligence-driven talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, today announced that it has partnered with NICE (Nasdaq: NICE),  the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to make smarter decisions based on advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data and thereby improve business performance and efficiency. The collaboration will allow HireIQ to harness data from NICE Workforce Management (WFM), NICE Performance Management (NPM) and NICE Adaptive Workforce Optimization (AWFO) to improve decisioning outcomes related to talent acquisition and boost customer experience. 

“The breadth and depth of NICE’s reach in our target markets and cutting-edge innovation that drives their WFO solutions make it the perfect partner for us,” said Paul Noone, chief executive officer of HireIQ solutions. “NICE’s leadership position in crafting the unparalleled customer experience based on the analysis of structured and unstructured data is highly congruent with our approach to inform the hiring decision by analyzing key forward-looking attributes for an exceptional customer experience.

Sharpened through millions of real-life job-specific pre-employment screens, HireIQ improves the value of long-standing workforce optimization processes by expressly addressing the need to attract, select, and retain skilled and talented employees for these organizations. Many customer engagement companies struggle with employee attrition and low customer satisfaction and the company’s approach has proven to reduce attrition and improve overall performance by identifying job candidates who are more likely to achieve the company’s goals before they are hired.

 As part of the agreement, the rich data gathered from NICE WFM, NPM and NICE AWFO is factored into HireIQ’s AI algorithm-based machine learning. Once processed and hired, the machine learning algorithm follows candidates and constantly gathers data from the NICE solutions about their performance throughout their lifecycle. In addition, data garnered from NICE is used by HireIQ’s machine learning algorithm to uniquely fine tune the predicative model to each job role at each customer, and create each employee’s persona which in turn is driven upstream to improve the predictability of hiring decisions. 

 “We’re pleased to add another dimension to our innovative WFO suite of solutions by partnering with HireIQ. Their artificial intelligence approach to employee selection complements NICE’s strength in analytics-driven decisioning,” remarked Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group. “Customers will benefit from even quicker and simpler identification of employees who can most effectively perform against their company’s key performance objectives.”

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HireIQ revolutionizes talent acquisition for contact centers and front-line customer service positions such as those in banking and healthcare by automating the recruitment process, automatically assessing for critical communication skills, and using outcomes-based data to facilitate continuous performance validation.

HireIQ’s solutions enable companies to improve their hiring decisions, reduce time-to-fill, reduce recruiting costs, and increase talent performance and retention through its on-line virtual interviewing software, novel predictive analytics solutions, and structured feedback between recruiting and its stakeholders. 

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