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ATLANTA, GA — (February 18, 2014) —HireIQ Solutions, the innovative leader in predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, today announced that DependableIT, an industry leader in providing premium contact centre services specializing in customer service, inbound sales, technical support, and premium technical support, has selected the company’s award-winning InterviewIQ virtual interviewing software to transform its recruiting and hiring.

DependableIT operates an award-winning contact centre that has been providing their services for over 15 years, with a specific focus on Cable Television Providers and Internet Service Providers.  As such, its highly selective recruiting and hiring process is designed to ensure that new hires are not only technically knowledgeable, but that they also possess excellent customer service acumen.

“Our business is growing rapidly and we have an ongoing need to source well-qualified, technically adept, support professionals,” said Lindsey Anslow DependableIT’s customer operations director “Our goal is to exceed expectations with every customer interaction, whether it’s on the phone, in chat, or in-person. HireIQ has enabled us to effectively screen job applicants through a comprehensive online interview anytime of the day or night. We are able to move more applicants through our process in less time as a result.”

HireIQ’s innovative digital interviewing and predictive analytics applications transform the talent acquisition process for customer-facing organizations. Companies make better hiring decisions when stakeholder-observed business outcomes, such as operational performance and retention, are compared against the results of pre-hire digital interviews. Companies also benefit by reducing the critical time-to-fill interval, lowering recruiting costs and increasing employee retention and performance.

“The highly specialized world of technical support hiring is often characterized by long lead times, which can affect client satisfaction,” said Dan Drechsel, chief executive officer for HireIQ. “HireIQ’s innovative virtual interviewing and predictive analytics software applications can be customized to the very specific requirements of these organizations to easily and effectively broaden the pool of qualified candidates and increase their velocity through the hiring process.”

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