Independent technical report’s highly positive results and 100% quality rating offer clients proof of effectiveness and legal protection

ATLANTA, GA — (June 19, 2013) —HireIQ Solutions, the innovation leader in predictive analytics and talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, today announced the publication of an extensive validation study of their patent-pending Audiolyticsprocess for analyzing and scoring the verbal and emotional characteristics of recorded interview responses. The study confirms the effectiveness of this unique tool for streamlining the hiring process – and offers important legal and regulatory protection for hiring organizations.

“Our mission is to help companies expand their talent pool, find better-qualified candidates and make better hires more efficiently,” said Todd Merrill, HireIQ’s chief technology officer. “Before implementing an innovative solution such as ours in a highly regulated environment, our clients want to see solid, scientific evidence that it does everything it’s supposed to. We’re pleased to say this study delivers that proof, completely and conclusively.”

Prepared by Camden Delta Consulting, LLC of Atlanta, an independent strategic human capital consulting firm, the technical report reflects research conducted according to the highest psychological, industrial, and regulatory standards. The first section was designed to measure the internal consistency of the assessment. Using three data sets based on applicant interview recordings from three different organizations, the firm looked at how consistently the assessment measured four variables: length, pace, silence, and energy. They found Audiolytics to be reliable across all four dimensions. In addition, the team identified significant opportunities to expand the use in future evolutions.

“It’s important to realize that Audiolytics is not a test in itself, but rather a tool for scoring responses to any set of structured interview questions recorded through our InterveiwIQ software application,” adds Merrill. “So the applicability is much broader than any specific assessment.”

The second element of the study was intended to measure the content validity of the Audiolytics assessment. The issue in question was: does the software accurately and effectively measure specific characteristics that are required to perform a specific job – in this case, a front-line customer service position?

“Validation of this kind is critical for employers,” says Carolyn Facteau, Ph.D., Camden Delta’s project leader and one of the study’s authors. “Not only does it show that the assessment has sound measurement properties, but it’s essential to ensure compliance with the Federal Government’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and other legal and professional standards. Strong validation provides evidence to helps organizations ensure that the hiring process is fully compliant, avoiding significant legal and regulatory exposure.”

The first step in conducting the content validity portion of the study was to identify in detail the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that contribute to success in a typical customer service position. “To show that there’s a logical relationship between what the assessment measures and what the job requires, we first had to define the duties of the job itself,” says Facteau. “Then we had to define the personal characteristics – KSAs – that are needed to perform those duties.”

Based on extensive research in job tasks and requirements for roles where communication skills are important, the team identified a final list of customer service KSA dimensions. These included behaviors such as “listens to others without interrupting,” “asks questions to clarify,” “uses situation-appropriate speech and tone,” and “speaks with clarity, conviction, passion, confidence, and enthusiasm.” Finally, a panel of highly experienced, independent raters was briefed on Audiolytics and the KSA model and asked to rate the assessment on its relevance and its capacity to differentiate candidates in each KSA dimension.

In the final results, the Audiolytics process far exceeded established standards for its ability to distinguish adequate job-related communication skills from superior ones. The assessment also received a perfect score for overall quality.

“These results form a solid foundation on which HireIQ will build additional capabilities in the area of automated audio analysis of recorded candidate interviews,” said HireIQ’s Merrill. “This formal review gives our clients important legal protection, as well as reassurance about quality and effectiveness. And because the KSAs we focused on involve clear, persuasive verbal communication, they give us a foundation to assess the validity of Audiolytics for all customer service related jobs including call centers, retail sales, hospitality, branch banking and others. This marks another significant step toward our goal of helping organizations make smarter hires, faster – anywhere communication skills are vital for success.”

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