Latest product version includes business intelligence dashboards that spotlight key recruiter performance metrics; rich custom report builder; and validated assessments.

ATLANTA — (May 15, 2013) —HireIQ Solutions, the innovation leader in predictive analytics and talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, today announced the immediate availability of its Spring 2013 product release which includes numerous new features and enhancements to its leading multi-media virtual interviewing solution, InterviewIQ.  Since InterviewIQ is provided as Software-as-a-Service, these new features are immediately available to all clients without any additional installation.

Driven by extensive customer input as well as a comprehensive analysis of the key drivers of high-volume recruiting teams, the company has implemented the following:

Mobile Support.  Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals using HireIQ can use their mobile devices to review completed interviews, evaluate and score candidates and access key management dashboards and reports.  Mobile support enables recruiters to establish a closer relationship with their stakeholders by sharing completed interviews and collaborating on next steps for each relevant candidate.

Configurable Business Intelligence Dashboards.  Graphical, user-configurable BI dashboards provide executive management at-a-glance visibility to key recruiting metrics such as the time recruiters spend evaluating recorded interviews; the time-to-decision cycle; interview completion by time-of-day; and candidates by source. This provides valuable, actionable information regarding the recruiting team’s productivity and efficiency.

Customizable Interview Workflow.  Recruiting managers can customize the type and order of pre-hire assessments that are presented to a candidate during their interview experience. The types of assessments have also been significantly expanded to include text-response and voice response questions; embedded dependability and reliability assessments; scored quizzes; and recorded real-time interviews. Each workflow “recipe” can be configured to the unique requirements of each position.

Stakeholder Feedback.  Stakeholders, including hiring and operational managers, can provide tenure, termination and quality-of-hire feedback to the recruiting team using a simple, online feedback questionnaire. Normally completed at key post-hire milestones, the feedback form helps ensure that recruiting teams are meeting quality-of-hire objectives; measures retention and turnover; and provides a structured method for improved collaboration between recruiters and their stakeholders.

Personalization and Enhanced Candidate Experience.  Videos, pictures, diagrams and other graphic files can now be included in any of the multiple custom text areas, which help to provide enhanced branding and personalization of the candidate experience. For example, clients can use this to include a video greeting from a key executive at the beginning of the interview. Recruiters are also now able to add their personal signature to system-generated e-mails.

“These latest innovations to our virtual interviewing solutions reinforce our ongoing commitment to our clients to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruiting team, shorten the time-to-hire cycle, and improve the operational performance of their employees,” said Kevin Hegebarth, HireIQ’s vice president of Marketing and Product Management. “We are executing against a robust and aggressive product plan which will introduce even more visionary capabilities throughout the remainder of the year that will further transform recruiting and talent acquisition across the enterprise.”

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