Company’s online talent acquisition software accelerates hiring process and improves quality-of-hire.

ATLANTA, GA — (December 9, 2014) —HireIQ Solutions today announced that it achieved a significant milestone when the company hosted its one-millionth digital interview. Customer experience companies have rapidly adopted the company’s digital interviewing solution as the preferred method to quickly, efficiently, and effectively acquire high-potential job applicants.

“One million interviews is a significant milestone for our clients and company,” said Dan Drechsel, chief executive officer for HireIQ Solutions. “Front-line customer service organizations have overwhelmingly adopted HireIQ as an efficient and effective component of their overall hiring strategies. Their results in terms of reduced time-to-hire and improved quality-of-hire are remarkable.”

A million interviews has given HireIQ unique insight into the process of sourcing, screening, hiring and retaining front-line customer experience staff:

·      Candidates love it. It’s fast, convenient and effective. And it reflects well on the hiring company.

·      It can dramatically reduce the time it takes to fill open positions – in some cases from many weeks to just a few days.

·      The recruiting team can review ten or more digital interviews in the time it takes to conduct one live phone screen. The team is more efficient, freeing their time for more strategic activities like sourcing.

·      The overall quality-of-hire is substantially higher when measured against client’s key operational performance metrics.

·      Agent retention is considerably improved, especially in the critical 90-day, post-training period when new hires are most susceptible to attrition.

Other findings are in HireIQ’s “One Million Virtual Interviews” infographic, which can be downloaded here: One Million Virtual Interviews.

“The quality of the customer journey is directly related to the communication, language, and critical thinking skills of contact center agent,” continued Mr. Drechsel. “The results our clients have achieved in over a million digital interviews speak for themselves. HireIQ has quickly become the standard by which customer care organizations attract and select high-performing job applicants.”

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About HireIQ

HireIQ revolutionizes talent acquisition for front-line customer service positions such as those in contact centers, retail stores, branch banking, quick-service restaurants, and hospitality by automating the early-stage screening process, automatically assessing for critical communication skills, and using outcomes-based data to facilitate continuous performance validation.  HireIQ’s solutions enable companies to improve their hiring decisions, reduce time-to-fill, reduce recruiting costs, and increase talent performance and retention through its on-line virtual interviewing software, novel predictive analytics solutions, and structured feedback between recruiting and its stakeholders. HireIQ is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA. For further information, please visit Follow us on Twitter @HireIQInc.

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