HireIQ’s Predictive Analytics Gets Results

HireIQ Delivers

Increased agent retention. Lower recruiting costs. Improved business performance. HireIQ delivers remarkable results.

Why Results Matter

Business results matter.

Think about it:

  • The quality of the customer experience is dependent in large part by the quality of agents you hire. And, they can make or break a company.
  • A good experience can prompt higher sales and cement loyalty. A bad experience can send even long-time customers to your competition.
  • Hiring the right agents the first time can lower attrition and improve business performance with whom it matters most – your customers.

Why rely on slow, expensive, and inaccurate interviewing methods to hire contact center representatives? “That’s the way we’ve always done it” just doesn’t cut it.

When results matter, you need a partner that can speed up the process, slash costs, and help you get the right candidates in the right seats.

That partner is HireIQ.

Our Customers. Their Results.

HireIQ is generating quality hires for contact centers in dozens of companies across more than 30 industries.

Our customers reap game-changing results – by expanding their hiring pool, reducing time-to-fill, improving candidate selection and increasing operational performance.

HireIQ’s virtual interviewing and predictive analytics software improves your recruiting process, resulting in better hires, and improved results.

Here’s how HireIQ improved results for one of our clients

Interview Process Interval Candidate Interview Time Interview Conversion Percentage Interviews During Non-Business Hours Daily Recruiter Productivity (Maximum) Applicant to Hire Ratio
Before 9 days 20 minutes 45% 0% 100 evaluations 25:1
After 3 days 12 minutes 75% 42% 200 evaluations 14:1
Improvement 67% 40% 67% Infinite 100% 44%

Case Studies

  • HireIQ helps us dramatically improve our recruiter efficiency and effectiveness.

    Arise Virtual Solutions
  • Since we started using HireIQ, the quality of prospective employees has risen dramatically.

    Interactive Response Technologies
  • HireIQ has demonstrated its ability to not only help us hire the best possible candidates, but to do so at a reduced cost of recruitment.

    Jet Blue Airways