Faster is Better

Do you feel the need for speed in your quest to find the right people?

Check out how fast and easy it can be to hire contact center representatives with HireIQ. And not only is it fast, we can help you determine – just by listening – which candidates will be the most successful.

Why Speed Matters

The best contact center reps are in high demand. Don’t lose them to your competition.

Timing is critical and you need to fill seats fast. But interviewing each candidate personally can slow you down. Not to mention the time you waste on no-shows and unqualified applicants.

There is a better way.

Our always on technology lets candidates complete interviews online at their convenience, often at times when recruiters aren’t working. And decision-makers can evaluate the interviews at their convenience, too.

HireIQ’s solution helps you:

  • Improve efficiency and staff utilization with online interviewing and testing
  • Speed up the screening process with anytime, anywhere access to online interviews
  • Reduce the initial interview time from hours to minutes
  • Perform more evaluations in a shorter amount of time

Get the right people in the seats faster and for less money


Speed It Up!

Do’s and Don’ts for High-Volume Contact Center Hiring

Do Don’t
Virtual Interviewing Manual Interviewing
Interviews review takes as few as 3 minutes on average Screening Interviews average 30 minutes – even if the applicant is unqualified
Anytime Interviewing 9-to-5 Interviewing
45% of candidates interview after hours Half the candidates in triple the time
Online Review & Assessment The Paper Chase
Recruiters spend more time with the best candidates Recruiters waste time sorting through a sea of resumes
Predictive Analytics Guesswork
Determine who will likely be quality hires – before they’re hired Too many poor hires … means higher turnover and more time spent hiring (again!)

“HireIQ has absolutely helped us reach more and better qualified agents than ever before.”

Sandy Gobbo
SVP, Talent Acquisition