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Over the last several years, technology has assumed a greater role in employment recruiting.  Sherry Fox, an analyst with the leading analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers, recently offered her take on 4 of the most popular and impactful trends in the HR recruiting market today.  Virtual interviewing was identified as one of the key technologies that can be easily deployed and greatly streamlines the hiring process.  Other benefits include expanding the candidate pool (perhaps especially relevant given that the national unemployment rate remains near 9%), ensuring a consistent interview experience for all applicants, and the positive environmental impact of using virtual technologies.

Virtual interviewing normally includes remote video interviewing and media-rich web-based text and voice response methods.  For some kinds of positions, executive management for example, video interviewing might be the preferred choice since the interviewer can discern body language, neatness and other physical characteristics.  However, for high-volume hiring, such as filling call center agent positions, an online text and voice response interview is adequate and is probably even preferable.  Hiring call center agents is usually based on their verbal, communication, empathy and persuasion skills and less about appearance, which makes the voice response virtual interview the vehicle of choice for these environments.  All a candidate needs is access to a computer and a telephone.

To read Sherry’s piece on the 4 methods for finding the right talent, click here:

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