Employees: Over 35,000 home and brick-and-mortar agents

The Story:

This leading global contact center business process outsourcer serves some of the leading consumer brands in the industry and often needs to fill classes fast.  Its clients expect superior service delivered by high-performing agents.  To help manage its hiring pipeline, this company turned to HireIQ’s innovative digital interviewing solution, InterviewIQ.  It not only significantly reduced its critical time-to-fill interval, it also found that HireIQ helped it increase its training graduation rate and 30-day new-hire rentention.

Benefits of using HireIQ solutions

  • Able to quickly screen and hire the best customer service agents for Fortune 1000 clients
  • Dramatically decreased the time-to-hire and reduced recruiting costs
  • Significantly reduced critical post-training attrition

reduction in time-to-fill


decrease in 30-day turnover


improvement in training graduation rate

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