Industry: Contact center outsourcing
Employees: Approximately 2,500

The Story:

To provide high-quality service to its cients – including several leading wireless communications companies – IRT is always looking for exceptional customer service professionals.  That’s why it turned to HireIQ and its InterviewIQ online virtual interviewing software.  InterviewIQ is an “always on – always available” digital interviewing solution that enables candidates to complete interviews at any tme of the day or night.  IRT was able to greatly expand its pool of qualified candidates and dramatically reduce its time-to-hire at the same time.

Benefits of using HireIQ Solutions:

  • Was able to rapidly find and hire candidates to handle sales/customer service inquiries for some of the leading wireless communications companies
  • Reduced screening time from 20 minutes per applicant to five minutes
  • Approximately 40% of interviews completed during non-working hours – convenient for candidates

reduction in time to interview


increase in candidate pool


interviewing convenience

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