Telecommunications Company

Employees: Approximately 3,000

The Story:

Sourcing high-quality, high-performing talent is vitally important for this leading business telecom services provider, but its recruiting staff was spending most of its time trying to schedule interviews.  Selecting HireIQ and its InterviewIQ online virtual interviewing software enabled it to shift its recrutiers’ focus from scheduling and conducting interviews to the more valuable task of sourcing the right talent.  With InterviewIQ, candidates often completed interviews the same business day, dramatically reducing the long time-to-hire cycle this company was accustomed to.

Benefits of using HireIQ Solutions:

  • Reduced a two-week lag in the interview scheduling process so recruiters could focus more on sourcing new talent
  • Interview process and actual interview time greatly decreased and 50% of the interviews actioned within two days
  • More information was gained from the interviews — without the need for voluminous documentation by recruiters

reacted to interview invite in 24 hours


shorter interview times

2.5 days

(avg.) to disposition

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