Top Business Process Outsourcer

Employees: Approximately 35,000

The Story:

This large, well-known, global contact center business process outsourcer often finds itself having to quickly hire thousands of new agents in order to meet new client demand.  That’s why it turned to HireIQ’s virtual interviewing solution, InterviewIQ, when it needed to quickly ramp to meet the needs of a new, work-at-home campaign.  Over 20,000 interviews were completed in 30 calendar days enabling this company to exceed its hiring goals in recoed time.  In addition, it was able to dramatically reduce its cost and time-to-hire.

Benefits of using HireIQ solutions

  • Able to quickly contact and hire the best customer service agents for Global 1000 clients
  • Dramatically decreased the time-to-hire and improved interview conversion rate
  • Could reach more candidates and be more selective, while responding faster to clients

cut in interview process time


faster speed to hire


improvement, applicant-to-hire ratio

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