Introducing WFO 2.0

WFO 2.0 overcomes this deficiency by emphasizing the “people” aspect of the equation – before and after they are hired. It encompasses technologies and processes that identify employees who are likely to be highly-skilled, motivated, technically proficient, and engaged before they are hired and to measure their level of engagement throughout their tenure. With WFO 2.0, companies make better selection decisions and create more effective retention programs, which help improve the probability of overall WFO success. Companies that have implemented aspects of WFO 2.0 report improved employee retention, better business performance, increased attainment of key metrics, reduced labor costs, and increased employee engagement.

This informational white paper will describe five strategies that will help you deliver WFO 2.0 in your organization and increase your ability to attract, select and retain employees who will deliver a truly exceptional customer experience.

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